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Modalities of Healing & Magickal Practice That Are Utilized:

Clairvoyant Divination ~TAROT~ Readings 

Mantra Yoga Consultations 200hr RYT

Vibrational Sound Healing Sessions

Group Sound Bath Immersions

Circle Casting & Invocation 

Ceremonial Priestessing

Guided Meditation 

Altar Creation




Tarot Readings and Sound Healing Sessions with Mantra are a potent opportunity to dive deeper into one's own energy states of spirit, mind, and body to access inner listening, greater self awareness, intuitive guidance, as well as clarity of presence and direction. Remembrance of our inherent connection and wholeness is integrated with the activation of our realized wellness that then 'gifts the shifts' in energy and vision to fulfill our magnificent potential. In awareness and balance with activated Śakti, we can

Be in the Greatest Service to All!

Each reading and sound healing session is a sacred ceremony of magickal transformation and held in the utmost reverence and confidentiality.  

Blessings and Namaste


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