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Wizard Juilo 

  Offerings From The Path  

        Juilo studied dance for more than 18 years, learning from such diverse teachers as Ana Halprin, Tandy Beale (Pickle Family Circus), Zuza Engler (Soul Motion), La Fibi (flamenco).  He was educated through various coursework in expressive art therapy and improvisation that included the School of Imaginal Studies and New College of California.  He absorbed writing skills while attending esteemed programs at U.C. Davis, University of Iowa, Stanford University, Taos Institute of the Arts and U.C. Santa Cruz.  Juilo also studied with the San Francisco Book Arts School in creative book design and construction.  He has been sculpting and painting for more than 15 years, mentoring with teachers at Santa Fe Clay, Ruby’s Clay Collective, The Citadel (bronze), Can Serrat (Spain) and La Meridiana International Ceramic Institute (Italy).  His works are considered phantasmagoric, innovative and contemporary.  They contain a quality of magical sacred ritual  art. 

          In 1995, he launched Teatro Jaguar Luna, a mask theatre.  Integrating paper mache, found object, and latex mask puppets that  have been witnessed at parades, procession, festivals, theatres and alternative artist warehouses around the world. Juilo also incorporates performance art in exhibitions, encouraging the viewer to ‘see’ art as alive. Significant works continue to explore ‘Death of the Male Ego’, ‘Homoerotism and the Sacred’ and ‘Consciousness and the 5th Dimension’.  Audiences throughout the Americas and Europe have enjoyed his work.  Juilo’s theatrical productions such as, The Dream-Casting, invited the viewer to reconsider how dreams, thoughts and language influence reality. 

         He is the author of the book series, Tales of a Jaguar Magician a re-envisioning of multi-gender mythology and magic.          Recently he has explored consciousness and the mask in his upcoming release of the art film, The Keeper of the Masques.   He continues to explore the sacred clown in his YouTube video series, Tea in the Cloud Forest with Mago Jaguarrrella. 

         Juilo’s exploration into creativity and consciousness began in New York City through studies at Pace University in advertising and an internship in book publishing.  He generated a depth of experience in the fields of marketing, public relations and graphic design.  He refers to himself as an ‘art doctor’ and researcher on tools to guide consciousness towards 12-strand DNA activation, unified polarities of thought, and multiple dimensional realities—while having fun and being impeccably honest about the dire situation of humanity. 

        Juilo is the founder of the Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective in Costa Rica.  He spawned the center as a forum to encourage artists to integrate creativity into the solution matrix of environmental/habitat protection and restoration.

        Juilo transformed a life threatening illness into a creative life-force, while simultaneously absorbing the principles and practice of art is medicine.  A book in progress, Sudden Beauty, is a testimony of the capacity for art to rewire the brain to heal.

         In prior years his professional experience was well integrated within the advertising, public relations and marketing arenas as a 'creative thought leader'.  He participated in visionary teams who produced large scale 'sea-changes' in perception.

Curriculum  Vitae

Studied advertising @ Pace University

led to understanding perception/desire/consciousness

Writing Workshops~  UC Stanford, UC Santa cruz, UC Davis, U. Iowa, Taos Inst. Arts

Clay/Sculpture~  Ruby’s Clay Collective, Santa Fe Clay, La Meridiana International Ceramic, Citadel (bronze), indigenous clay techniques and firing- Oaxaca, Mexico

Books~  SF Book Arts Program

Dance & Circus~ Tandy Beal (Pickle Family Circus),  La Fibi – Flamenco, Soul Motion Dance- Zuza, Anna Halprin

Expressive Arts introuductory~ Tamalpa Institute,  Institute of Integral Studies and Noetic Sciences --coursework, Petaluma –Art as Medicine, Environmental Arts- New College of California

Founder of The Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective

Author of 'Tales of a Jaguar Magician' Series; 'Sudden Beauty'

Publisher of Jaguar Moon Press

Experimental ritual Theatre~  Teatro Jaguar Luna

Organic farmer


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