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Jaguar Luna
Consciousness Awakening

Coto Brus, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica


E mail:

 USA: +1 510-384-7369

COSTA RICA: +506 86.58.9861

Getting To and From The Jaguar Luna Center 
Flying into San Jose:
           Upon landing into San Jose airport, You may take a taxi to hotel or to the busline, Tracopa (trah-coe-pah). all taxis know where to go and many speak some english.  You will receive a ticket at the airport exit to take to taxis (representatives will ask you if you need a taxi).  The cost is approximately 25-35$.  USD$ are accepted.  You can convert money in airport or withdraw direct from ATM's inside Airport next to baggage pickup. 
           1)  Tracopa busline provides a comfortable direct bus to Copabuena (the *last* stop on bus). Scheduled departures are 6AM, 9AM, 12pm, 12:15pm(via coast), and the *last * bus departs at 4pm.  You can request seats for special needs, etc upon purchase.  The bus ride is approximately 6-7.5 hours.  The bus stops for two 15 minute breaks/snacks/restroom and a 1/2 hour meal in the town of Buenos Aires.  Bus fare is approximately $15 one way -no credit cards accepted, but they do accept dollars$$ At terminal in San Jose.
            2) Small mini-vans can be arranged for individuals or for groups up to 10 @ 300$ each direct to CopaBuena or San Vito.  Please contact us to arrange the van.  The price is per van--not per person.  So 10 people is 30$ each.  The driver will meet you at airport exit with a sign that has your name on it.  They speak some english.
           3) Rental car- you will be provided a map and ask for directions to San Vito or Agua Buena-zona sur. We will guide you from there. Approximately 5-6 hours if you are A good driver.
Flying into Golfito:
Fly into golfito with direct connections at San Jose Airport (a smaller terminal next to the international within 5 minutes walking).  Sansa or Natureair offer service to Golfito.  We can arrange to pick you up or send a taxi for $60.  Golfito is on a lovely bay and is approximately 1.5 hours from our location.  The airfare is approximately 60-110$ one way in a 20 seater plane and takes approximately 1 hour.  Bag size and weight are limited!!!
Returning to San Jose:
Tracopa Bus direct from Copabuena@ 4am, 6am, 6:30am, 9am 2pm (last bus)  All drop you downtown San Jose. There are taxis to go to hotel, airport, or wherever you wish. 
Returning to Golfito:
You can arrange a taxi to regional airport in Golfito from our location $60. Approximately 1.5 hours.
In general Costa Rica receives over 1 million tourists a year and is well prepared with friendly staff/people to help you.  Keep important items secure and out of sight as you would in most metropolitan areas of the world. 
Remember~ this is a pilgrimage. slow down, enjoy the view.
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