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Brackin Firecracker genuinely lives up to her name...

She is a creative spark, a mover, a shaker, an activist, a nature enthusiast, a radical cheerleader, a priestess of the divine feminine and a facilitator of all things FUN.  She is a lover and teacher of plant medicine, movement and healing arts and is a masterful bodyworker, stretch therapist, certified herbalist, essential oil advocate,  ayurveda specialist, and a yoga/fitness instructor.


Brackin has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Anthropology and has had the following array of passionate incarnations in this compressed lifetime:  political arts performer, puppeteer, first aid herbalist, adventure vagabond, train hopper, published writer, radio journalist, traveling personal assistant/ chef, home health care attendant, doula for life/death, international event /conference coordinator,  long term ally/member of the Angola 3 support committee, speaker and advocate for a wide range of groups/causes, and founding collective member of an anarchist bookstore in New Orleans, Louisiana (Crescent Wrench Books) as well as two non-profits in Austin, Texas (Rhizome Collective and Bikes Across Borders).


In 2003, Brackin embarked on a career in the healing arts in Austin, Texas and became a licensed massage therapist obtaining specialities in Shiatsu (acupressure), Watsu (Shiatsu in the water),  Thai massage (assisted stretching) and Reiki.   She began working in depth with clients with a wide range of disabilities and sought further schooling in physical and aquatic  therapy techniques.  Also during this time Brackin studied, apprenticed and completed her studies at the Wildflower School for Botanical Medicine and began to incorporate the use of plant medicine and aromatherapy in her practice.  


In 2011, Brackin moved back to Memphis, Tennessee (her birth city).   She took on the role of caregiving a number of sick and/or dying family members. It was at this time that that she recognized the dire need to prioritize self care.  She found solace in support groups, dance/fitness classes and yoga. She became certified through the YMCA as a personal trainer, aquatics teacher, lifeguard and Zumba instructor.  But it was Yoga that brought her the most peace of mind. Under the guidance of her mentor, Stephany Fair,  she began assisting in yoga classes for both children and special needs populations which led her to begin volunteering with Company D, a professional dance company for people with down syndrome. She eventually was hired to work as both the assistant and lead yoga instructor for the dance company during both their weekly programing and summer intensives.


Due to her work with Company D,  Brackin was awarded a scholarship to Kripalu School of Yoga and Health in Massachusetts and completed her  200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification program. While there  she was introduced to various creative forms of combining yoga with dance which she now incorporates in her own practice and teaches as movement meditation.  


during her stay at Kripalu she was exposed to a wide range of therapeutic yoga and bodywork therapies.  She sought help for a chronic low back pain and got immediate relief from Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT)- a modality based on the work of a 1950s osteopath and offered at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  Knowing first hand the effectiveness of this modality (her back pain never returned), Brackin then dedicated the next two years to completing all 4 levels of classes and an advanced 300 hour mentorship with Lee Albert, the modern day developer of IPT.   Brackin is  recognized as one of 11 practitioners nationwide at the mastery level of this advanced postural alignment therapy.  


After Kripalu,  Brackin returned to Memphis and became affiliated with the Experiential Healing Center where she trained in their somatic experiential therapies specific to trauma and was entrusted to work with clients on site.  In addition she went deeper into the philosophy and healing arts form that Yoga is derived from- Ayurveda. She took classes through the Himalayan Institute and finished the Ayurveda Yoga Specialist program in 2015.  Inspired by her love of plants and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, she developed her own product line, “Brackin’s Botanicals and BodyCare,” specializing in herbal preparations, spritzers and body butters.  


Having gone on an intensive personal journey into the study of the mind, body and spirit, Brackin decided that 2016 would commence her year as priestess and teacher. She sorted, organized and synthesized all the knowledge accumulated and worked on developing curriculum.   Through Delta Groove Yoga Studio she was able to offer workshops on a range of topics such as therapeutic yoga techniques specific to the shoulder as well as the healing powers of plants and essential oils.  Additionally,  she took on the role of priestess and lead a number of monthly magic moon rituals.   


Most recently (Jan 2017) Brackin returned to Austin, Texas where she sees clients for therapeutic stretch/yoga sessions and divides her time as an advocate and caregiver for children with special needs, a volunteer at the Soma Vida Healing Arts space and an instructor/teaching assistant at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine.  In her spare time you may find Brackin out on a plant walk,  on the dance floor, at a protest, in a hammock studying or hanging upside down, and more often than not- in the WATER- mermaiding, swimming, kayaking, rafting, paddle boarding, or simply floating.



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